Regional Scrum Gathering® 上海大會


Regional Scrum Gathering® 上海大會

日期: 2018/ 08/ 24-25

地點: Holiday Inn 上海浦東假日酒店, 上海市浦東新區東方路899號


Regional Scrum Gathering®為敏捷實踐者提供一次聚會的機會,分享關於Scrum和敏捷的實踐以及知識,體驗scrum 和敏捷的熱情。在為期2天的盛會中,你將遇見志趣相投的Scrum實踐者、講師、教練和擁躉,你也將聽到驚豔的主題演講,參與開放空間活動,昇華你對Scrum及敏捷的理解。

2018 is a special year for Regional Scrum GatheringSM in China, because this year marks the 10th time the event has taken place in this country – a country with 5,000 years of history and culture.This year, Shanghai Agile Community organizes this nationwide Agile event on 24th and 25th August at the Holiday Inn Shanghai Pudong.

RSG Shanghai includes lectures and sessions presented by Agile experts. Topics are strictly reviewed by our dedicated Subject Review Committee, so the program promises to be favorable and enlightening. We cannot wait for discover it!


#敏捷新知 #敏捷訓練 #台灣敏捷協會


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