Global Scrum Gathering Minneapolis





今日於Global Scrum Gathering Minneapolis活動上宣布:Scrum Alliance® 和Scrum Inc. 正在發動一項嶄新的合資企業,主要透過培訓、指導和推動Dr. Jeff Sutherland透過在整個企業組織中擴大Scrum應用而達到敏捷轉型的框架。

Scrum@Scale®是由Scrum框架所自然延伸出來的。主要的設計原理是為了在整個組織內有效傳遞企業敏捷:其包含所有部門,產品和服務。無論是哪一個行業,Scrum@Scale企圖把每一個團隊都打造成Scrum團隊並且把組織蛻變成具市場破壞性的力量。Dr. Sutherland是敏捷宣言的其中一名原始發起者,為了全心專注於Scrum@Scale的培訓與實施,近日已從Scrum Inc.的CEO職位中隱退。


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Announced today at Global Scrum Gathering Minneapolis: Scrum Alliance® and Scrum Inc. are launching a new joint venture to train, coach, and promote Dr. Jeff Sutherland’s framework for Agile transformation via scaling Scrum across entire organizations.

Scrum@Scale® is the natural extension of the Scrum framework. It is designed to deliver business agility across an entire organization: all departments, products, and services. No matter the industry, Scrum@Scale makes every team a Scrum team and transforms organizations into market-disrupting forces. Dr. Sutherland, one of the original signers of the Agile Manifesto, recently stepped down from his position as CEO of Scrum Inc. to focus on the training and implementation of Scrum@Scale.

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